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Impact of Robots in China

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The use of robots was enhanced to eliminate the repetitive tasks performed manually by the workers and simplify the overall workflow. With modern technology and revolution, it is not only robots that are being set aside to complete their tasks, but also humans who are collaborating to produce mass-produced products.

The main reason for the robots to collaborate more with humans is to mitigate the danger related to human workers or working with life-threatening materials. Another significant advantage of using robots is that they eliminate the monotonous feeling caused by repetitive tasks, which eventually leads to the operator becoming tired or distracted, resulting in major fallout or errors.

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Robots have been viewed as a powerful ally in the replacement of such massive flaws.

Top 5 reasons to use robots:

  • ROI is higher.
  • Operating and energy costs are reduced.
  • Impaired ability to rely on the task is completed
  • The accuracy of the work is greater.
  • The objectivity of the detailed tasks
  • Employees with better opportunities to grow in the business organization

According to Marina Bill, President of the International Federation of Robotics,

“China was leading the global recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and accounted for half of the worldwide robot installations in 2021.” “Growth is strong across all industries, with electrical and electronics being the dominant sector—up 30% to 81,600 installations.” The automotive industry also showed a strong recovery. This was mainly driven by electric vehicle manufacturing in China. It increased by 89% to 50,700 installations in 2021.

Powerful robot’s impact in China:

  1. a record-breaking growth of installing 243,300 industrial robots in China’s market in 2021. It led to a rise of 44% compared to 2020.
  2. Due to a labor shortage in China due to an aging population, robots have been discovered to be a powerful ally to compensate for the shortage of skilled labor. A five-year plan released by the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) in Beijing led to the growth of innovation, making China a global leader in robot technology and industrial advancement.
  3. A new job opportunity as a “robotics engineering technician” has been introduced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security for college graduates.
  4. Explosive growth was noticed in China from 2015 onward with the introduction of artificial intelligence and its ability to attract attention from all social sectors.
  5. As per the new plan by the Chinese government in 2017, the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” is supposed to seize the global command of artificial intelligence by 2030 and incubate 10 trillion yuan in industrial output.
  6. It has been observed that China has transformed its manufacturing into higher-quality economic development through the use of robots. Since 2013, China has become one of the largest markets for industrial robots.

Source: WHITECH, IFR, Hindawi

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