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What role is played by extended reality (XR) technology?

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The era of digital technology helped in reducing the time for product development by enhancing the customization, product quality, and a faster approachable response in the market. The technology helped in bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical world. How fast are we able to approach the market in the digital technology era is something unknown and the reach but do we need it?

Extended reality technology means Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality where the time-room flexibility can be increased by accomplishing the bridge, lead to empowering industry with a more fast and powerful process of decision-making capability. Apps and wearables are exploding the market with such technologies with the service for using VR and AR.

As per a survey by Accenture, the work time was augmented by using extended reality technology in 2019 in industries such as Health and social services with the maximum share and business services with the minimum and least share for the work-time to be augmented by using extended reality. In the manufacturing and construction sector, the share of work time was augmented by 30% as compared to the Education and retail sector by 23%.

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The only thing does we really need such technology in our daily purpose. Is it really adding any advantage without which we cannot live or in our sustainable goal? One of the major benefits for the production is the availability of having it faster in the consumer market but do we really want it to be? The race to be fast or arrive faster in the market often makes the product lucrative in the market but is it really something fulfilling in our long-term goals?

The technology is trendy. The main implementation and worth exploring are the areas with remote guidance or the task is complex or complicated to maintain. So mostly, mining industries or sector is something the technology is worth exploring. The technology definitely solves and provides a healthy solution for the workers to monitor their work. However, the sector is only with 22%. The health sector or the industry is trying to use the technology in the most beneficial way.

Source:- Extended reality, Accenture

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