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How the sales of business applications in the AI field is forecasted?

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As we know the application of the AI field has been categorized in a broader aspect where the usage is without any limit. A study conducted by Tractica shows the comparison between the sales revenue with artificial intelligence applications till 2025.

AI field: Sales of Artificial Intelligence applications till 2025.
Source:- Tractica, Statista (Künstliche Intelligenz)

However, one crucial observation is that the sales in Europe and Asia are almost nearly the same and going in parallel as compared to North America, where the sales are almost double, indicating more demand for Artificial Intelligence applications.

In my opinion, even though the sales in AI application is at the peak across the world but the sales in North America clearly shows an affinity and accepting of more AI application even though AI field has been a debatable topic and the approach was not friendly towards it as it is related to the fear of replacing the human labor but the truth of the story is something disputable.

Source:- Statista (Künstliche Intelligenz)

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