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The time now for Search Engines to enter the electric car markets

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In 2023, Baidu intends to introduce two “smart” electric vehicles. The Chinese internet business showcased the Robo-01, a family SUV, and a concept model for an electric coupe at the Guangzhou car show on Friday. The automobiles, to which Baidu refers as “car robots,” were created under the Jidu joint venture with the automaker Geely.

According to the search engine operator, Baidu hopes to “revolutionize” the auto sector with this. However, if this is successful, the new rival will “go forward considerably more aggressively” starting in 2024.

Jidu has already unveiled another model, the Robo-02 Coupé, which will also be offered in a limited edition next year, supporting this judgment. In Shanghai, the first Jidu dealers have already debuted.

Additionally announcing partnerships with the online firm are the German automakers BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.

However, the largest shareholder wants to have more control over the entire vehicle idea in the Jidu joint venture, which was founded in 2021 with automaker Geely. On Geely’s electric platform, the models are to be built.

As per Baidu CEO Li, Jidu, “equipped with our industry-leading intelligent driving capabilities, will be well positioned in the electric vehicle market.”

As per Handelsblatt, the new concept car is sparsely furnished inside, but the lengthy 3D display that nearly filled the width of the windscreen and a U-shaped, retractable steering wheel stood out. The electric vehicle has 31 sensors, including two lidars, multiple radars, and cameras, as well as the most recent Qualcomm chip. Voice commands may be used for the majority of the navigation.

Future Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities for smart automobiles are the goal. These can move through certain surroundings without a driver.

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