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Which areas of robots are being used popularly?

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The craze cannot be denied when working with service robots. You hate it or love it but service robots did prove their value. Not just in the daily task but in areas or sectors, considered to be harmful or dangerous.

However, Robots and AI need a pre-planned environment to navigate. And automate the work style. Not just they need proper coordinates, to move around, but also proper location.

Navigation signals from sensors communicate among each other to operate effortlessly, without any compromise. A path was well-designed and well-programmed with proper coordination.

The hardware and software shows where the machine and how are they operating among themselves.

The different applications used by the robots are: –

  1. Industrial Robot: – 

A vital role played by industrial robots is in the manufacturing processes. Welding, assemble processing, dispensing and material operations are some crucial tasks by Industrial Robots.

The automation process is needed in the food, pharmaceutical, and automobile industries. A constant need for the increase in widely adopting industrial robots. The time and complexity are decreased, involved in manufacturing high-quality products.

The technical improvement continuously increased flexibility, accuracy, and security. Simplifying applications of the robots with a greater number of installed robots.

2. Service Robot: –

  • Agricultural Robot – In the present day and age, agricultural operations like tilling, soil analysis, seeding, transplanting, crop scouting, pest control, weed removal, and harvesting are important. The primary platform for robots to be involved in systematic, repetitive, and time-dependent tasks.
    • Rescue Robot- In natural disasters, such robots have been a great help. And necessary aid in the service of humanitarian activities. Some stable and robust robots are Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs).
    • Military Robot- The robots are equipped with handling complex tasks. The utilization of military robots has been a crucial thing for many military organizations. Some examples are daksh, goalkeeper, packbot, and marcbot. They are working with integrated systems such as video screens, sensors, gripper, and cameras.
    • Medical Robot- The robots are employed in the medical field. To take care of vital stuff for patients and even performing surgery. Or treatment operations where patients can help in rehabilitating from serious conditions. Even robots play a major role in sanitation and disinfection. Or even monitoring the hygiene conditions in a strict manner.

In my opinion, robots are definitely showing the needs in crucial events or circumstances. Even replacing humans can actually get the work more efficient and perfectly, somehow humans are failing to achieve or meet the targetted goal.

Source:- Statista

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