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What are Frameless Servo Motors?

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A new TBM2G series of frameless motors are designed by the Kollmorgen. The TBM2G series offers high-performance Torque within an extremely compact electromagnetics package.

A major issue in frameless torque motors is their limitation to work at higher speeds in comparison to working efficiently at a lower speed. The issue has been addressed by the TBM2G in its new servo motors and hence eliminating the limitation via advanced windings and materials delivering industry-leading power, torque, and efficiency in a wide speed range.

The benefits of the nest generation motors are:-

  1. Robots with lower joints.
  2. Higher-load carrying capacity
  3. Improved energy efficiency
  4. Lower thermal rise
  5. Fast and smooth movements.
  6. Eliminate the size limitations in off-the-shelf strain wave gearing (harmonic gearing in the robotic world)

The specific is meant specially for the robots. The TBM2G series is available in seven frame sizes with three stack lengths with a total of 21 standard motors to be integrated directly into robotic joints or similar embedded equipment.

As per Jeff Czarnecki, Vice President, Global Marketing at Kollmorgen, “ We’re excited to introduce new servo motors that significantly increase overall performance while reducing size in a wide range

As he says firmly “TBM2G motors are perfect fit for a new generation of high-performance robots.” “ They are truly robot ready.”

The main applications they are covering, are collaborative robots in the 3-15 kg range, powered with 48 VDC.

Now, what are collaborative robots, they are usually known as cobots and are designed to learn multiple tasks to assist human beings. Whereas Autonomous robots are coded to perform a task independently in a repetitive way and remain stationary.

In the robotic world, the joints and links are connected through these powerfully equipped motors. Especially the servo motors, a rotary actuator allowing precise control of the angular position. The purpose of the servo motors is for angular or linear position and specific velocity and acceleration.

Source:- the machine maker

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