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What is the story of the SIASUN robotic company?

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SIASUN Robot & Automation Co. Ltd was founded in 2000 by Qu Daokui. The headquarter is based in Hunnan District, Shenyang, China.  The owner is the China Academy of Sciences. The company revenue is 3.27B USD. The subsidiary is Shenyang Anxin Consulting Consultants Co. Ltd.

The various sectors with services are industrial, mobile, and service robots, electronics assembly systems, intelligent logistics, chassis assembly and marriage AGV, spot welding systems, AS/RS systems, automated charging and swapping systems, and automated vertical warehouse systems.

The products by SIASUN, mobile robots, collaborative robots, service robots, industrial robots, and intelligent robotics.

Siasun’s latest investment is in CurveRobot startup. Being one of the largest robot makers in China, it manages the robotics supply chain. The knowledge is used in marketing and operations.

Capital is needed to fuel China’s industrial upgrade push and boost the development of the robotics sector,” Ren Shunying, a chief investment officer of Siasun Robot Investment Co Ltd. said. “We are industrial investors. We will take advantage of Siasun’s leading position in the industry, and offer startups help in resources such as brand, technology, capital, and industrial bases.

The aim of the company is, “We will serve local governments, as well as upstream and downstream robotics enterprises. We want to build an ecosystem of intelligent industrial development.”

The company will partner with local governments to build industrial robotic parks to serve as incubators. They are interested to invest in sensing technologies, computer vision, and radar technologies for machines to make decisions such as algorithms or chip design. They are also involved in 3D printing machines, virtual reality, and service-rendering robots.

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