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What is the situation with intelligent loudspeakers in Germany?

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Are the customers from Germany truly into loudspeakers intelligent? Are they even eager to blend into such technology and adapt them in their daily life? It is fun to communicate with such technology but will they solve our practical problems also and helps us to navigate with any digital appliance without being in a close area or touch.

As per a survey done by SPLENDID Research in 2019, 60% of the Germans agreed to operate a device with voice control. In another survey, the usage of the voice control by the customer has been surveyed where 11%,19%, 11%, 14%, 7%, and 38% is for daily, more times in a week, weekly, more times in a month, monthly and quite often respectively are the result.

The most commonly known loudspeakers used in Germany are Amazon Alexa, 78%. The variety of voice control devices used in Germany are Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsofts Cortana, Samsungs S Voice, Samsungs Bixby, Facebook Jarvis, Samsungs Viv, Microsoft Braina, and Open Sources Mycroft.

The top three Smart & intelligent loudspeakers used in-house in Germany are: — Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, which are also known as the favorite assistant.

The loudspeaker market somehow is being captured by the brand name. Consumers are more attracted to the brand appliance rather than to be inclined much towards the less known devices. Amazon seems to be capturing the market without fail with a huge mark, and the demands are fulfilling with the proper amount.


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