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What smart home systems are used in the world?

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The technology with smart home devices is in demand for its convenience to make your life simpler and pleasant. In Europe, European Installation Bus or Instabus is used for the networking of the communication system in the house.

The aim of the European Installation Bus Association is for home standardization and network building in Europe. It is a part of the Konnex.

In the USA, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) works with the LonWorks control protocol. The LonWorks system is created by Echelon Corp. for an open interoperability standard in the control network industry.

Smart home manufacturers mostly procure the radio network technologies from Z-Wave, X10, Insteon, and ZigBee.

The examples of such smart home products are:-

  1. Home exteriors are tracked with the cameras even if the outside is pitch black.
  2. The tabletop lamp can be brightened or dim with a push of a button if plugged into a dimmer.
  3. A video door phone is more effective than a doorbell.
  4. Motion sensor used for alarming you in case of a burglary.
  5. Fingerprints or four-digit codes are used for opening the door handles rather than roaming with heavy house keys.
  6. Connected audio systems for channeling the music out of the room.
  7. Remote controls, keypads, and tabletop controller devices to activate smart home application systems.

Some of the smart home technology trends are Automatic Vehicle Parking Systems and The Ubiquitous home.

The Ubiquitous home differs from normal homes. It is designed with testbeds, home sensors, and home cameras or microphones in each room for monitoring purposes. The home is designed with a Japanese-style room for remote viewing.

The purpose is for family connection. The home is equipped with robots for home services. It is known as Phyno and is designed with a microphone and speaker for recognizing the user’s faces. It is designed like a normal house but got a Network Operating Center between the rooms and the Japanese-style room.

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