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How smartphone can be a key player in digitalization?

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As we can see that digital transformation is affecting all areas of our lives, it is affecting municipal companies also. Some applications like Agility, flexible Apps, industry 4.0, live business, smart Meter, Smart Grid are for digitalization of transforming the energy systems. The view presented from the 2016 German market towards digitalization.

In 2007, iPhone captured the German market through smartphones. Around 44 million Germans were using the Smartphone. Even though other smaller device is playing in the market like Camera, telephone, weather station, encyclopedia, radio, and many other devices but hardly was able to beat the Smartphone market.

When iPhone was introduced by Apple, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, predicted the development to be a flop and smiled at the development. But as the days, are progressing we can see that how Smartphones can be considered as a good example of digitization and prove to be the power of disruptive processes, with one tap you can turn the phone into whatever you want.

Even though the digital camera has been a disruptive force also which was underestimated by Kodak and led to their downfall. But the smartphone is flowing into a different where any moment can be captured at any point of the time, any song you want to play, any video you want to capture.

Not only the technology but it gave birth to the imagination, that how powerful they can be in order to make the technology for the benefit of goodness.

Today, the production of smartphones and operating systems has been withdrawn from the market by Microsoft. Nokia, RIM (Blackberry), and Motorola have also winded up. It took less than 10 years to radically changed the existing market with new players.

So, we can say that iPhone gives a reason to think. We can experience a similar trend in other industries also like IT which is developing rapidly. Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunication provider also predicts a similar vibe in the development of the Internet of things.

It includes the development of 28 billion devices worldwide by 2020 where automobiles, utility meters, industrial equipment, machines, and televisions will be networked via the internet.  


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