How SpaceX came into the existence?

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SpaceX knows as Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. A strong vision to capture the red plant. And transfer one part of the population from planet earth to the red planet by 2030. And not just a two-way tourism pass but a permanent colony to be set up. The capturing of space beyond anyone’s imagination has anybody thought of.

Do you want to experience the red planet life?

The high ambitious project is not just a dream. But also NASA being teamed up with private partnerships. Even with Piggybacking. However, SpaceX is leading its way. Dragon reusable capsules are already making their flights. The dream project by Elon Musk.

The first commercial liquid-fueled rocket launched by SpaceX reached the low-earth orbit in 2008. After six years, the first privately capsule built was launched to dock. Within the International Space Station. In 2014, the mission brought supply under the private-sector umbrella where the partnership was expanded.

In that same year with the 10-year lease from the company with Cape Canaveral’s storied Launchpad 39A. The Space Shuttle has last been used to be launched in 2011. NASA cost the Launchpad approximately $100,000 a month in maintenance.

Source:- News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene by MaryAnne M.Gobble.

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