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Which strategies can monetize AR/VR/MR/XR products or services?

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As per the survey by Perkins Coie, the major strategy used in making profitable money in augmented reality products or services are through product sales or subscriptions e.g. AR/VR devices or games. The method was more profitable in 2019 with 59% as compared to 2018 with 48%. The next strategy was profitable, location-based entertainment e.g. VR arcades, malls.

The strategy that somehow fails to monetize in 2019 as compared to 2018 and was not able to generate profit are additional charges for features or in-app purchases within apps that can be downloaded for free, an advertisement with revenue feature within apps, placement of product within the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality experience and access for the charge for live events such as sports and concerts.

Augmented reality products or services

The reasons are unknown but the survey shows that often apps are not profitable to generate revenue or create any monetizing income for any products or services. The major investment is also made in gaming technology, Education, Movies and television, live events such as sports and concerts across the world. The area shows worth exploring.

Source:- Perkins Coie

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