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Why Sweden is a pioneer sustainable country?

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Sustainability is on the agenda for the majority of countries. To achieve its 17 SDGs has become a primary effort by each country across the world.

So, what about Sweden? There is not a single project left in Sweden that is not aiming at Sustainability at the highest aspects.

The projects start from raw resources, climate-smart cities, sustainable housing, future transport, green innovation generation.

One of the unique ways Sweden is targeting the sustainable economy is also changing consumer behavior towards recyclable or sustainable products.

A goal is to achieve a circular economy, bio-economy, and even turning woods into textiles.

Climate-smart cities- Most of the countries are focusing on the fastest urbanization of Europe. In 1995, Stockholm focused on the urbanization of its park and green spaces. The idea is to redevelop old industrial areas inefficient low-energy housing and even extend the tram route.

For its innovative approach, Stockholm has been awarded the World Smart City Award for the GrowSmarter project. It is considered ‘innovative, open and connected’.

Sustainable housing- Another challenge for Swedes is the consumption of energy to combat the cold climate compared to any part of the world. To power up the high-tech society, Stockholm Royal Seaport is a testbed for a global innovative smart energy grid. It is in partnership with many energy companies, universities, and homebuilders.

Norra Djurgårdsstaden, known as the ‘eco-quarter’ is built up with old gasworks for thousands of eco-friendly homes with biogas produced from a food waster to charge up electric cars.

Electrified transport usage- In Sweden, the council uses electric cargo bikes for deliveries in place of lorries. The urge is to present an environmentally friendly and safe situation for school children and living people.

Another major change observed in 2017, the underground system and transports run on green electricity such as renewable fuels.

Green innovation generation- A way to reach a circular economy, Due to the lack of sustainability and sustainable way of doing business. One of the graduates from the Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. The goal is to change the traditional ways of doing business into more innovative new methods. The focus is to turn the companies into a more sustainable way of leading the business.

In my opinion, if you can show consistency in your effort. The change can be brought among the people and also even the big companies can think of changing its way of doing the business.

Source:- Sweden.se

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