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Can technology and culture be embedded together?

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As we talk about technology, the first thing that comes into our mind is innovations, the latest trends. What’s happening in the future? But as we keep on progressing and need to expand our innovative products into a different culture or across different borders and boundaries.

What do you think, that how culture is going to play a significant role in accepting the latest technology? As we are moving into an era, where electromobility, autonomous driving, and aerodynamic fleet or passenger cars are getting designed, how well they are accepted by different cultures,s and are they optimistic about this new venture?

A study conducted by J.C. Gonzalez Palenica et al., about the market scenario of ZEVs and lightweight vehicles in Colombia, shows a market success for the BEVs model, starting from 2020, and is expected to reach a 100% market share by 2050. As a matter of fact, there is a linear increment in BEV market share.

There is a potentiality of introducing light-weighting and BEVs simultaneously by 2050. There is an assumption of a constant annual growth rate of 4.0% for new vehicles sales.

The value obtained for Colombia was assumed the same for both new car and new light truck sales and it will grow at the same rate. The growth rate assumed for new car sales is reasonably smaller and in several South American countries, it is somewhere from 4.4 to 5.6% between 2002 and 2030.

It also shows, that reduction in CO2 emission which is the main goal of any lightweight vehicle is being very well accepted and being seen as a major concern even in several South American countries including Colombia.  

As per the report, gasoline and CNG-fuelled ICEVs which are basically a configuration of conventional steel-intensive showed a growth until 2050. It also assumed that all the new vehicles were sold by the use of E20 (Common ethanol fuel mixtures with the use of pure hydrous or anhydrous ethanol and gasoline, mostly used in automobiles, light-duty trucks, and motorcycles) after 2012.

As we can estimate the success rate of new technology being accepted by different cultures, it also shows that new concepts and ideas got a major potentiality in breaking down the stereotypical mind concepts.

Technology can act as a bridge between different cultures where it shows that how knowledge can be shared and make a profit out of it in order to create a new living standard for the upcoming generation. Technology can help us to break down the traditional paths to understand different cultures and how they can be sold at a better.

Isn’t it surprising that a traditional or a new conceptual car has to be designed in both ways as per the driver seats whether it’s left, or right?

It can have new designs or new fuel concepts, but to make money and expand your horizon beyond different cultures, you need to have the knowledge of the driver seat at first. Technology can be sold by embedding different cultures as per different countries and not by the other way around.

Source:- J.C. Gonzalez Palenica et al.

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