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How will Technology evolve human beings?

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Is it true that somehow, underneath the evolution of the human race or human beings, technology is playing a crucial role?

We have made a long voyage from living inside caves to traveling in high-speed trains. Maybe the future will tarnish the need for trains any longer.

In various ways, technology impacts the evolution of human beings.

Medical technology plays a prime role in enhancing human health and longevity. Innovative treatments and genetic modifications can handle crucial health issues, be they in children or old age.

The more advanced technologies that are being innovated, the more employment and leading and encouraging uplifting ways to work or live in our society. Human intelligence is proving to work efficiently for more progressive ideas.

Technology is also blurring the ways we used to commute, be it in ships, trains, cars, or even a simple bicycle. The advent of wearable devices, implants, and brain-computer interfaces also integrates technology into human bodies to enhance physical and mental capabilities.

The way of communication has massively evolved, and it is now just one click, not even dialing the whole number. Honestly, the numbers are also reducing, and we just call the person directly without the need for any numbers. And it is not just audio but real-time video across the globe.

Satellite technology is enhancing the way we used to think about our solar planets, and it indicates that it is not far when it will be just a touch of a button and you will be in contact with the intergalactic worlds. Just from your office, with the right technology, we are landing on the moon safely and are able to collect real-time images as well as videos for research purposes.

Can you just imagine? How far we have come? How our thoughts and ideas are evolving to use our intelligence and go for a trip in outer space and be there successfully. We are thinking about colonies. Hmmm, ……..human colonies and nothing else, as we know about the dark histories related to colonies.

Technology is also showing that from outer space we are just one earth, even though we have crossed many borders. It also shows how our identity reshapes and changes, as well as who we are becoming.

A shift towards interconnected digital experiences shows that technology has always been the leader and a powerful tool to enlarge our imagination and support our ability to be unlimited.

The ethical implications need to be strong from now on, as we don’t know how vulnerable we are to living in a new way. The rules cannot be limited by the present observation but need to be based on what can happen more.

As the days pass, advancements in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are transforming communication with creative, immersive, and interactive technologies and experiences. The technologies are pushing the boundaries to transcend language barriers and creating more avenues and importance for collaboration and understanding.

However, somewhere, technology is not able to promote the evolution of human emotions, understanding empathy, and understanding the human connection and its importance to its surroundings. Negative stress, peer pressure, and the devaluation of the necessity for other topic streams are other evolution-related phenomena.

We do observe that an animalistic and materialistic way of leading is increasing more and more rather than focusing on evolving more content. The more we innovate, the more division it starts to create.

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