Do you know the technology Germans want to strengthen?

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Yes, with the time age, and advanced technology, Germans also like to be up to date. With their current affairs in the technology world. The more advanced you are with the new technological world. The more advance you think and be ahead of the present game.

Industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles or even electric vehicles challenged the established industry. To think ahead of their time with a possibility to live in the future.

The survey by PwC shows the technologies being prioritized by the German industries: –

image 22

Internet of things is a priority, as the world is going to be more connected regarding the vehicle industry, it is no doubt, internet of things will be providing more and more in-depth opportunity to score in the market strongly.

The market is worth more than you can think. The result also shows that the manufacturing industries being more prioritized than any other industry in the market.

Even though AI is also important but somehow Robotics industry focused on more precise work got ahead of even Artificial Intelligence.

Source:- Statista.

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