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How has Technology reshaped the world in one family?

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Don’t you think with each step we take towards technology, we tend to attract people who share the same concepts, we attract people who oppose us and let us know what our boundaries or constraints are, and we tend to attract people who never understood why people love technology? In that way, we get reshaped into new thinkers, new philosophers, new trendsetters as well as disruptors, and finally one family with so many varieties.

Nobody can deny that social media has become more attractive because of its ability to make the world seem achievable with just one click. With one subscriber button, we get subscribed to their creative thoughts, new cultures, and new ideas, and finally fall in love with so many varieties to explore.

  • Communication: Families felt more connected and easy to approach due to technology, regardless of time and distance. In real-time, you can share photos, videos, and new updates about a place you had to visit without your loved ones. Technology also provides ample jobs in different languages in different countries to let their tools be used more and help us be one family.
  • Education: During the COVID-19 pandemic, technology enhancement improved the way students were learning. Working from home allowed people to spend more time at home and learn new skills or subjects at their own pace and convenience.
  • Entertainment: One of the crucial ways to distract ourselves from the seriousness and uncontrollable ways of living our lives is to delve into some fun. Have some good entertainment, and not just in your language; we can enjoy it in different languages and with entertainment from different countries. It is also popularizing the way content used to be in the old days. Global exposure is also increasing and not just limiting us within any boundary.

The research into various mental health issues and physical health problems is not limited to one country’s research, but it has expanded and provided a big platform for people to come and join in on one platform and share their experiences related to technology and let it develop and improve the scenarios.

The development of one technology but the success of it in different parts shows that we can be different from each other, but our need to solve our problems and lead a better life is always the same. Today, through YouTube, we learned about podcasts, vlogs, and blogging through different social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram show how to tell a story with only pictures and videos.

The new trends also show that across the world, the choice of content is also similar, and people love to enjoy music from singers who are completely different language speakers. Even we love enjoying their movies or web series.

Technology shows how we are connected through different emotions, and even though people are different, the emotions we feel always allow us to feel connected to them in different ways.

However, the negativity associated with digital technology is at its peak, and people are becoming victims of misinformation or being triggered by false content.

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