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What future forecasts for technology trends have been done by IDC?

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According to International Data Corporation ( IDC), the economic conditions for the coming years are characterised by uncertainty and fluctuation.

The following future forecast of the technology trends in 2023:-

  • As-a-service process growth and intelligent products: Optimising digitally will attract more attention to physical and virtual product’s as-a-service aspects and intelligent process automation.
  • As-a-service business models and tech-by-wire: Network technology will be in high focus. It includes encapsulated container systems, software-defined capabilities, AI-powered cloud-based control systems, and data-driven decision-making.  
  • Supply chain intelligence: As per IDC, high-profile digital products will be launched significantly delayed in 2025 due to global or local chip or code supply chain bottlenecks. More investment will be pursued in multi-source strategies.
  • Machine vision: IDC predicts, that companies with such technology can strengthen customer loyalty in the long term. As a result, it will optimise the business outcomes also through the use of intelligent data resources.
  • Centrally controlled systems: As per IDC, half of the companies relying on tech-by-wire will struggle with various isolated control systems. Hence, centrally controlled systems will be the prime factor.

Source: Industry of Things (industry-of-things.de)

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