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Tesla Cybertruck?

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One of the first models launched in the category of a pick-up truck is running on battery technology. The model can be pre-ordered and it is launched at a price of $39,900.

It is made up of unbreakable ultra-hard 30 X Cold rolled stainless steel, Ballistic impact with 9 mm Full metal jacket,115 Grain, and 10 Meters. Design is based on an angular project where it gives a look from any of the Sci-fi films. The Cybertruck got a Tesla Armor glass which is a transparent metal glass with an adaptive air suspension standard.

The charging capacity is with 14000+ Superchargers, capability of 250+ KW with on-boards outlets 110v/220v.

The on-Road performance has shown a competitive challenge to Porsche’s new model. With a performance of 1/4 mile in 18.8 sec and 0-68mile (ca. 109 km) in 2.9 sec.

Due to an Air suspension, the benefit of a pneumatic source has been an added advantage for the Tesla car. (Pneumatic systems are used for commonly powering the industry by compressed air or compressed inert gas). So, the air compressor is a plus on board.

The functionality also includes Autopilot, auto parking, and trailer docking. The launch was successfully cheered by the audience. It has got a battery charging system at the back end with a spacious pickup bed or the vault which can be lighted up. The vault is spacious.

The windows were supposed to be unbreakable to prove that it’s hard enough to withstand anything but an area to improve. As stated by Musk, “We created an exoskeleton”. During the demo, they conducted a test with a sledgehammer to check the hardness.

  1. The Single Motor AWD, with a range of 250+ miles with a top speed of 110 mph (ca. 177 km/h) is $39,900.
  2. The Dual Motor AWD, with a range of 300+ miles with a top speed of 120 mph (ca. 193 km/h) is $49,900.
  3. The TRI Motor AWD, with a range of 500+ miles with a top speed of 130 mph (ca. 209 km/h) is $69,900.

The price stated is without any incentives. The tesla Cyber trucks with electric charges got an advantage over gasoline. As the cost, of electricity, is lesser than the gasoline price. The maintenance cost is also under control as there is no change of oil. The cost of operation is also low.

P.S. – AWD means an All-wheel drive vehicle is the one that is capable of proving power with a powertrain to all its wheels whether they are full-time or on-demand.

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