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Who are the top 10 biggest trends in the German Fintech industry?

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As per the survey conducted in 2016, the top 10 biggest trends in Fintech Industry are: –

Mobile Payment
Peer to peer lending/Crowdfunding
Robo-Advisors/Robo Investing
Automation of Fintech services
Social banking
Cooperation with traditional banks and financial service providers
Insurance technologies
Traditional banks and financial services are displaced
Online banking

As the scenario, clearly shows that mobile payment is with the highest demand with 66%. It’s nevertheless, not far that maximum payment will be through mobile.

The obstacle is with the data hurdles and how secure the connection is while transferring the money but Mobile Payment is naturally a win-win situation for any kind of advanced pay.

In my opinion, Mobile payment and Crowdfunding are going to attract more and more consumers and customers in the Fintech industry. One of the truest ways to handle payment with ease in transferring the amount is beyond any imagination.

Source:- Statista

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