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Which internet companies are in heights across the world from 2014?

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In the present scenario, internet companies are capturing the world in a remarkable way. Just not the news but you can even purchase an iPhone from your house and the product at your doorsteps. The internet did not get our lives simpler but also easier to work during dire situations like pandemics.

You just need to have a pen drive or local provider or even with a hotspot, and you are ready to go for work from any corner of the world. Even though the daily hacks or ethical issues are raised and becoming a huge concern. But nobody can think of a situation where they are living without the use of internet services.

BE it sending an urgent email to your partner or to your boss. Or you want to contact your families overseas or just make a lovely Dovey call to your sweetheart. You cannot ignore the valuable help we got through internet connections.

And most important the tech giants who are making such connections as realistic and feasible to every corner of the world. Some build the fortune from their dorm roomies or some from the garages. But today the companies are making it possible to connect the real manufacturers to your doorstep and get the services as quickly as possible.

Well, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are the big billionaire companies across the world that you are already aware of.

However, are they steadily holding the market capitalisation throughout the years?

The market value of Internet companies in 2019.
The market value of internet companies in 2020.
Revenue of global internet companies

Do you know the revenue comparison between tech giants like Apple, Google, Alphabet, and Microsoft in 2019 are:-

Apple is more than 250 billion US dollars.

Google and Alphabet are more than 150 billion US dollars.

Microsoft is more than 130 billion US dollars.

Source:- Statista

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