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What issues hindered the integration of VR or AR/MR in the business world?

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In 2019, across the world, a major setback was observed in the virtual reality integration in the business world. A survey conducted by VR intelligence shows the reasons among the business world turned into issues to hinder the growth of virtual reality or Augmentation of reality in a business world.

Virtual reality

As we can see in the survey result, the first issue failed among the business employees to understand the benefits/options of virtual reality or augmentation reality. The second major issues were the lack of ROI proof.

It is a major drawback if you are failing to provide ROI for your technological innovation. The business case was not sufficient to provide enough support for the ROI. Hence not impressive for the business leaders to invest more or give ample time to integrate the technology into their business decisions.

The fifth issue which got 12.5% from the business world, stated that technology is not performing as it is required. This is a major flaw in the technology, which got so much hype from every customer. If it is not working as per the requirement, then it does not make any sense.

As per the survey by IPlytics GmbH, the major organizations are the leading owner of the augmented and virtual reality patent holders across the world,

Virtual reality with organisation for high patent numbers in AR/VR

The result shows organizations from different backgrounds in the business world took part in Virtual reality or Augmented reality technology. The integration of AR/VR in different business sectors shows the demand among companies from various disciplines. It shows the demand also.

Source:- Statista

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