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What are the key AI initiatives by eBay?

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An online platform with its headquarters in San Jose, California providing the connection between buyers and sellers across the world enabling the virtual online store to be created from where buyers can select products to search and buy from the sellers.

A retail platform is offered by the company via the web via mobile application.

The company is involved in selling tickets to sports, events, concerts, and live shows via the online ticketing platform application known as stubhub.com.

AI is used in eBay to improve buyer and seller communications. The focus areas are predictive analytics, cloud-based Artificial Intelligence, and big data. Artificial Intelligence is used in achieving real-time customer behavior analysis for delivering personalized experiences to its customers.

The key initiatives are: –

  1. eBay ShopBot is an AI-powered smart personal shopping assistant. It is integrated with Facebook Messenger to interact with buyers for helping them in selecting the best deal for a particular product.
  2. Inventory solutions are an Artificial Intelligence-powered retail platform the helps to identify inventory gaps for sellers for a particular product and sending alerts in stocking up.

In my opinion, eCommerce companies are very much involved in exploring Artificial Intelligence technology to gather more information and provide versatile options and opportunities for buyers to sell any products or advertise and create a customized platform for buyers to get fixated on their platform with various options and opportunities.

Acquiring many online shops was also seen as the eCommerce platform saw many exchanges and provided an area to be customized with only one area of sectors or products from one such group of fashionable areas.

Source:- Statista.

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