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What is big data intelligence?

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As we all know, AI and Big Data and lots of characteristics associated with both terms. But if you can combine these two-term and technology, don’t you think a new dimension can be created with a revolutionary potential that is almost real. Automation technology has the power to make smart decisions which can lead to future digital disruption. The study has been done by Due, Du, McRae, Sharma, Jayaraman, & Nie in 2018.

As per Chandiok and Chaturvedi, the pressure of excellence and adaptation will be challenged in every industry and must be supported by the client who is the major stakeholder.

As a result of such a combination, the productivity rate will be higher, business processes will be smarter and the agility will be soaring. The mechanism holds an architecture for ingesting, protecting, processing, and transforming data into file systems or database structures, as described by Moses Strydom and Sheryl Buckley.

As per Sousa & Rocha, 2019, the chief vector for digital transformation is big data intelligence. Mining of the intelligence from data has been done by Big data intelligence tools and analysts to run queries where a different variety of vehicles get their output. To live in a place where computed methods for automated perception, learning, understanding, and reasoning have become an important dimension.

Planning of trips to find the best routes to reach the destination without much traffic, finding the best deal with respect to hotel, resort, train, or flights.

Artificial technologies have been provided with the best methods to find the cheapest deals. Now the technologies don’t need our hand type in for any queries, NUI’s, Siri, Cortana, and Google operated with your voice.

Alexia or the latest technology has developed so much that, they can adjust your room temperature, play your favorite song, get you the best deal, all is done within a minute. Not waiting in a queue for a long time, just with a finger touch you get your request or queries solved out as soon as possible.

Search results, traffic predictions, and books, and movie recommendations are provided by big data intelligence. Language translation in real-time, self-driven cars that are entirely autonomous is completely working with big data intelligence as per Badue et al., 2019.

Source:- AI and Big Data’s Potential for Disruptive Innovation by Moses Strydom and Sheryl Buckley.

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