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What was the role of AlphaGo?

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In 2015, Google developed a program based on the Deep learning method using artificial neural networks and the task was to beat the world champion in the board game Go. It is known as that more than chess.

Go is substantially more complex where 361 opening is possible in Go, however, it was believed that humans were not able to beat by the computers in such game whereas AlphaGo outshines such remarks and delivered a high performance by using an artificial neural network called as Deep Learning.

The basis of most applications in Artificial Intelligence was artificial neural networks and the Deep Learning method. Some technical applications that can be seen in usage are by Facebook based on image recognition algorithms, speech recognition algorithms in smart speakers and self-driving cars, “Siri” or even “Alexa” are some examples of such technology.

In my opinion, the research once goes into more depth and improving the machine to enact like humans cannot be underestimated. The intelligence embedded in such machines cannot be underestimated that how fast they can perform and reacting in numerous ways by analyzing your every move is beyond comprehending.

Source:- A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

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