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What ways AI can help in logistic sector?

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As per an article published in the industry of things, there are different ways of handling inventory by AI. The examples are an idea to provide an opportunity where and how AI can collaborate with the working employee group.

  • Inventory Data collection: Rather than handling the data manually and analyzing it to place the next order. The process can be handled independently by AI in detail and later on the results can be verified by the Main Supervisor. Some questions which can be answered are, Availability of the products? The frequent purchase of the products and popularity of the products? The procedure helps in saving time and error rates can be lowered.
  • Goods can be pre-sorted: The appropriate way of arranging the goods and distributing them in proper order on shelves is no doubt the time-consuming and needs of employees to constantly monitor it. The process of sorting the goods in the right manner from the container and then each product is arranged on the shelf provides a way for the process where goods can be pre-sorted by the robots such as in supermarkets or drug stores. The process can be quicker for goods that can be grouped in a similar kind of storage facility.
  • Replenishment of the shelf: One way it is good for the owner to have their shelf replenished but no doubt it can be tiring and need a constant monitor. AI machines can provide support in stores where constant shelves can be replenished periodically whereas the stores can deliver goods appropriately. Hence, time is also saved for people to walk constantly to the pallet truck and saving money.

Source:- industry-of-things

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