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What’s next after Artificial Intelligence?

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A new way that can be looked at with Artificial Intelligence is Human intelligence supported and extended by augmented intelligence. The computers provide the result and analyzed data which can be enabled faster and is precise more for human decisions. A large amount of data is evaluated by AI where people are provided with a decision-making capability.

Augmented intelligence or extended intelligence is defined as combining the computer’s artificial intelligence of computers with human intelligence and hence the decision-making ability for a human being improved.

Augmented Intelligence is expanded in the big-data environment with the possibility of analyzing human intelligence with a quantified amount of data. A large amount of data is no doubt difficult to be handled by humans to provide a pattern or dependencies for decision-making ability.

One of the important prospects of AI or any technology is not replacing humans but using AI as an external capability or as a benefit for making the proper decision and enhancing the capacity of human brains or people to reach their potentiality in a healthy way.

In my opinion, the research and the in-depth analysis that have been going through this process is no doubt have proved a major breakthrough for humankind to make their mark.

An area that holds a tremendous potentiality or benefits for humankind to move in a progressive manner and use the predictive methods for a better solution. The technology can be used to handle any kind of a major crisis and try to avoid any sort of obstacles.

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