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Why is AI important today?

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In a short period after many failures and being canceled AI has evolved to be a mass emerging field and one of the top emerging trends in the industry.

AI is not limited to only one sector or one industry but has been expanded to various sectors with their service from small to mass scale.

So, what can AI do for us today? Why is AI important today? Why AI is becoming a top-ranking emerging field and trend among large industries?

  • Speech Recognition: An entire conversion can be guided by automated speech recognition and dialog management systems.
  • Autonomous playing and Scheduling: In 2000, a hundred million miles from Earth, NASA’s Remote Agent program became the first onboard autonomous planning program to control the scheduling of operations for a spacecraft.
  • MAPGEN plans for the daily operations in 2004 for NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers and MEXAR2 in 2007  performed the mission planning for both logistics and science planning in the European Space Agency’s Mars Express mission.
  • Game playing: IBM’s Depp blue became the first computer program to defeat the world champion in a chess match against Garry Kasparov.
  • Robotic vehicles: Stanley, a Volkswagen Touareg outfitted with cameras, radar, and laser rangefinders became the first to win the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge in the rough terrain of the Mojave desert at 22 mph, finishing the 132-mile course in 2005.
  • Spam fighting: Every day, learning algorithms spam over a billion messages to save the recipient from wasting time in deleting which comprises 80% to 90% of all messages.
  • Logistic Planning: In 1991, in the Persian Gulf crisis, U.S., forces deployed a Dynamic Analysis and Replanning tool, DART for automated logistic planning and scheduling for transportation. The task involved 50,000 vehicles, cargo, and people at a time with destined starting points, routes, destinations, and conflict resolution among all parameters.
  • Robotics: Over two million Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners are sold for home use by the iRobot Corporation. They also were involved in more rugged PackBot to Iraq and Afghanistan for handling hazardous materials, clearing explosives, and identifying sniper locations.
  • Machine translation: A computer program for automatically translating any language to any other language for straightforward interpretation.

Source: AI by Russell and Norvig.

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