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Will Technology take over the world?

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Will it?

The dilemma of unresolved emotion connected to the rapid advancement of technology leads one to wonder, Will technology ever take on the world?

Is it possible that technology that we see today as a boon or an ally in mass production will become our greatest enemy? It sounds like a movie climax from a sci-fi fictional movie.

Technology or the rapid development of tech science has profoundly impacted every aspect of our human lives, be it communication, entertainment, healthcare, or transportation.

We crave new tech gadgets. We crave new apps in our world, and we do crave new ways of commuting to our office. In a way, technology has taken over us, or let’s say the world, in the present age. Isn’t it?

We cannot think of a single day where we are not involved with any technology-related things. Technology is evolving with our craving to satisfy the desire to need something out of the world or something that’s not yet been unleashed to the masses.

Be it arrogance or happiness, we do feel great emotionally once we create or come up with something unique, and when it is technology, we do like to cherish feeling a small part of us telling us “You are a genius”.

However, can technology make us its slaves? Well, it depends on us and how much we would like it to happen to us. Often we hear the advice, Don’t become a slave to your work, but hard work always opens the doors to your wishes and dreams.

It is a fine line, though; nobody likes to be a slave to anything. There is always an inner voice guiding you to the right path, not letting you get distracted, but also helping you understand the impact of technology on a wider scale and examine how it can destabilise us in ways we never expected.

The impact of technology on society in various ways:-

  1. The Ubiquity of Technology: Technology is an integral part of society in the form of smartphones, computers, and other gadgets that are becoming ubiquitous. Technology makes life easier, faster, and more efficient. However, convenience and the easy accessibility of a technology-led society depend on raising eyebrows about its potential and how much control it can have on our lives and society.
  2. Automation and Artificial Intelligence: AI and automation are two of the most feared technologies, and their capability to replace human workers in various sectors and industries leads to widespread unemployment. It cannot be denied that low-skilled employees have been replaced in big industries to take over mundane or repetitive tasks, but it is unlikely that they can replace complete human creativity, ingenuity, and intelligence.
  3. Ethical Concerns: With the rapid evolution of technology, privacy concerns, security concerns, and the potentiality for misuse are also raising. Social media proliferation is allowing the use of personal data without concern, leading individuals to become vulnerable to breaches and data manipulation. Facial recognition and surveillance systems are raising ethical concerns and issues such as privacy and civil liberties.
  4. Human adaptability and control: The unleashing of new technology is also letting us realize the boundaries we need to set and understand the self-power to be responsible about ethical guidelines and ensure their responsible and beneficial use. Technology is shaping our needs and letting humans adapt and also have control over the boundaries of the technologies and their use.

As we dive into the topic and explore the various aspects of the relationship between technology and us as humans, it can be seen that humans have more control and power over technology and things like being within boundaries.

Technology should not be seen as a threat but as a curious phenomenon to explore its limitless capabilities while maintaining the boundaries of human vulnerability. The various tech tools and their utilisation show how we can dominate the hazardous, unknown, or dark zones and harness the power to address the most complex issues and problems the world is facing today.

We need to be smarter to outsmart technology when its boundaries have been crossed. However, we cannot deny the fears among the people, and it may be due to neglecting the reasons for such causes. The key is always to go underneath the dark areas of technology and be illuminated by it through knowledge to set the balance for humans to collaborate on its values.

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