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What challenges the future of mobility?

The scenario of the autonomous vehicle is no doubt considered to be with high expectation and falls under the category of modern technology. However, the top 10 challenges predicted for the future of the mobility are considered to be concern with the latest trend.  

High costs,

Collapsing traffic due to continuous increase in the volume of traffic & lacks the infrastructure,

Infrastructure lacks for the access nationwide,

Technical problems,

Personal data are misused,

Safety of autonomous vehicle systems are ensured,

Individual mobility are restricted,

Complicated handling,

Reservations in the company,

Liability is uncertain & insurance for shared mobility use & autonomous vehicles.

Even though, most of the vehicle are approaching the cost in an economical way but to experience all the future is not sure and questionable. With high technology embedded in the vehicles and with high safety ensured for autonomous vehicle systems are somehow raised the concerns in handling the technical difficulties.

Sources:- Tank & Rast

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