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What is the battery scenario for electric vehicle in 2019?

As per a survey conducted by EV-Volumes.com, in 2019, 12,358 batteries were sold across the world as compare to 2018, it was much higher by 23,677. The comparison of such sales depends upon the production and how many vehicles have been in demand and also sold. However, as with the latest trend, the auto productions are turning into battery driven vehicles, the market for an effective and long-lasting with durable Li-ion battery is no doubt a huge profit generating market. The future is predicted to use sustainable batteries which can be recyclable up to a certain period without discharging and solving the issues of what should the residues of such used batteries should be done.

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USA is definitely leading the area. But, in my opinion, if it’s possible to concentrate in the battery market, it is designed with new opportunities to increase the production of such batteries for electric vehicles. The market with innovative ideas can find better partnerships with the electric vehicle manufacturer and provide a better solution.

Source:- Statista.

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