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What is the e-car market projection of models from the top 10 companies till 2025?

Well, as we can see, the future is about electric cars and vehicles communicating with each other more than the drivers or people to make it faster and smarter. So how far we from the era of the future with the futuristic vision of people being comfortably driven to their destination without the need of a handful of driving license or test. The era of lithium-ion, with cars running into battery cells and with an easy display of battery being emptied down, is something that needs to be admired. The evolution also shows how far have we come and with the use of the right set of imagination power, you can create a world with sustainable solutions. Isn’t it amazing that we are back in the era of transportation with less pollution and not being driven by horses but covering the distance effectively and with less time being consumed?

The market projection of e-car models from top 10 companies till 2025: –

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In my opinion, the demand for e-car models in different variations is a clear sign of the rise of different models being offered by a different electric vehicle manufacturer. It also creates a platform for different models to compete against each other and provide a market for consumers to explore different options with different range and capabilities.

Source: – Statista; T&E.

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