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What is the scenario with global green bond market share?

The main aim of using green bonds is financing projects related to sectors in renewable energy, energy efficiency, green housing, and other eco-friendly projects is the use of financial pools held by institutional and other investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds through global capital markets. It can also be defined as debt securities used for financing 100% green projects and assets. Funds are raised to issue green bonds for situations like climate change mitigation or solutions which are adaptable.

As per a survey conducted in 2018 by Climate Bonds Initiative, the following results are observed and represented :-

Some prominent countries in the league of issuing the bonds in US dollars.

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Source:- Climate Bonds Initiative

The institutions involved as a green bond issuers.

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Source:- HSBC, Climate Bonds Initiative, Amundi

The green bonds available in share percentage as per different sector.

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Source:- HSBC, Climate Bonds Initiative

The number of climate aligned bonds issued by different sectors.

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Source:- HSBC, Climate Bonds Initiative

Source:- Clean technology investments globally

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