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What opinions UK hold about driverless cars in 2014?

At present, across the world, the UK is eagerly waiting for the autonomous vehicle as London already scored a position in the smart city list but how about 6 years ago? What sort of perception and mindset people in the UK had? The world is changing every day and so does the opinion.

The survey was done by the Transportation Research Institute in 2014 with a following set of questions. The response were from 18+ and around 527 respondents participated in the survey.

In the past, the public perceptions for autonomous and self-driving vehicles are recorded as, 52.2% positive whereas 13.7% showed negative attitude and 34.2% of them choose to be neutral.

Issues related to concerns associated with self-driving cars were: –

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In another survey, concerns for level 4 autonomous vehicles has been recorded,

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Survey by Future Thinking showed the perception about the danger for driverless cars in the United Kingdom,

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In my opinion, still today the concerns related to security can be seen present among the consumers. In 6 years, with various development and enhancements, issues and concerns has been addressed. Let see what happens with the launch of L3 or L4/L5 in the UK? Still, the concerns remains or new perceptions will be recorded?

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