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What technology and components are required to enable driver-less car technology?

The components of the driverless car system consist of lasers, cameras, Global Positioning System, radar, processors and complex software systems as stated by Knight (2012). In the below figure, BMW’s robocar with autonomous vehicle technology features have been shown and it includes, Global Positioning System, high definition camera, ultrasonic sensors, laser, radar, and computer.

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Source: Kicono (2014).

Autonomous vehicle can be described by the technology in three steps: —
Step1: -As per (IHS Automotive, 2014; Knight, 2012), Global Positioning System allows the vehicle to identify its own position and also perceiving the environment. Obstacles can be identified by using cameras, lasers and radars. Lets’ say other vehicles, pedestrians, bikers or constructions site on the road and identifying the distances. In the below figure, street objects such as road signs, other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists can be recognized by the sensors and camera.

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Source:- Urmson (2014)

Step2: – The input data have to be accumulated and processed by the software and processors so that driverless car can make a sense out of it to operate in the real world as per the road signs. (Knight, 2012).

Step3: — The vehicle movement is possible at a real time as per the reaction and adaption of the system. (Knight, 2012). In the below figure, the driverless car can react and alternate its movement.

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Source:- Tutu (2011)


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