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Which are the 9 advanced AI Robots across the globe?

Even though the AI Robots has been coined as a controversial topic with the term being labelled as replacing and taking up human jobs, it cannot take the eye with its magnificent features. The remarkable capabilities and aid which is available in inhospitable places are beyond anyone’s imagination.

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Digit is manufactured by the agility robotics and currently is in partnership with Ford to provided and make the feature of door to door service more efficient. The partnership provide support in the completion of the last-mile logistics solution in combine to the autonomous vehicle technology by Ford. The robot got its assistance in disaster response also. One of the major features is its nimble limbs and a torso packed with sensors to navigate in the complex environments. It is the direct descendant of Cassie, agility’s first robot.

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Pepper is manufactured by Softbank robotics. It’s the first world first social humanoid with capabilities in facial recognition and basic human interactive emotions. The main usage is seen in retail and financial industries. In retail sector, the benefits have been in attracting the attention of shoppers resulting in increasing the traffic store and also creating experiences with memorable in-store and stimulating purchasing and retaining capacity for customers. One of the attractive features is to attract the customer for its unique interaction capability and thereby letting the customer to have a unique experience and just a normal shopping day. It also got the capability of gathering comprehensive data so that the customer base can be enriched and hence generating unique shopper insights. It is designed with 4 Directional microphones, 3D &2 HD cameras and 3600 movement. The impressive features of the humanoid have been adapted by 2000 companies around the world.

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Atlas is the most dynamic human robot developed by the Boston Dynamics, owned by SoftBank. The robot is designed to 4.9 feet of height and weighs 176 pounds with 28 hydraulic joints. The highly developed robot is becoming sophisticated with algorithm and state-of-the-art hardware allows for quick understanding of instructions. The performance of the robot is impressively designed for navigating terrain that are uneven, jumping parkour course and doing somersaults. The activities are perfect for search and rescue operations in the environment for human danger zone with a life risk possibility.

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Spot is a robot dog, developed by BostonDynamics for industrial uses to carry goods in warehouse or inspecting remote site in an unfavourable environment for any human to operate. It is designed with a top speed of 3 MPH (1.6M/s), average runtime is 90 minutes and 360-degree cameras, working at ta temperature from a range of 4 to 113 Fahrenheit (-15.6 to -450C). The battery can be swapped very easily. One of the best qualities is its running speed at 5.2 feet per second. The robot can be easily customized for the desired task due to its API and 2 flexible payload interfaces. It can carry up to 14 Kg, protection against crash with dynamic reaction.

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HRP-5P is manufactured by AIST in Japan to handle the ageing problem and negative birth rate. The advanced humanoid robot operates autonomously to carry out heavy labour in hazardous environments with the support of environmental sensors and object recognitions capacity, full-body motion planning and control, and task description with executive management capability. It is based on more than 20 years of humanoid research with the institute creating 4 other robots for the predecessor of HRP-5P.

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Surena IV is the fourth-generation humanoid robot, developed in the University of Tehran in Iran. It is operable at a height of 5.6 feet with a weight of 154 pounds with a walking speed capability of 0.43 miles per hour(0.7kph). The sensors are with custom force at the bottom of its feet to help the robot to step over at any uneven surfaces with adjusting angle and position of each foot.

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Aquanaut is designed by Houston Mechatronics Inc., an advanced unmanned underwater transformer. It is capable to transform into a nimble long-distance submarine. It can also get convert into a half-humanoid robot that is capable enough to carry complex underwater manipulation tasks. The best utilization is inspecting subsea oil and gas infrastructure, values operating and also tools are used in subsea with a mouse click. Its completely operating untethered without any support ships, covering more than 124 miles (200 km) can be travel in a submarine mode with a maximum speed of 7knots(13kph/8mph) and an operational depth of maximum 984 feet (300 m).

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Stuntronic robot is designed by Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development for entertaining purpose in Disney theme parks and resorts. It is an animatronic stunt double with sophisticated onboard sensors with a capability to make its own real-time decisions. It can fly 60 feet in the air with a knowledge when to tuck its knees while performing somersault or when to pull arms to twist or even slows down its spin for a perfect landing. The design is with complex dynamics is specially tailored for airy flips, twist and poses.

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Handle is developed by Boston Dynamics where it can easily identify and locate boxes with deep-learning vision software. It can also unload trucks, palletizes and also depalletize with push button technology. The mobility enables to operate in multiple work-cells, facilities are move through along with flow of goods. The technology is designed to pick up 360 boxes/hr.

In my opinion, Spot is something industrial or even in mining industry can be beneficial and the risk to human life can be under control. The robot can also be used in space exploration to collect more information. Handle is obviously for any production house and provides a solid ground for any heavy lifting work. Another most utilized humanoid robot Pepper, can be used in restaurant or even hotel to attract more customers. If it’s possible to program Pepper to take orders properly, no doubt the customer will be more delighted to be around such innovative approach.  

Source:- TerkRecoms — Tech TV (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jky9I1ihAkg&t=424s).

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