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Why sustainable fund is gaining importance in Sweden?

Have you ever wondered, the importance of the sustainable fund in Sweden? A major goal of introducing any kind of schemes or funds to attract your customer is first the necessity to gain 100% trust from them. The problem in today’s era is due to so much fraud and problem due to recession, reliability and a long-term partnership is very difficult to forge and if some corporation is failing to do so, then it fails to meet the agenda.

In Sweden, sustainability funds are gaining huge limelight and a major way for backup support to endure any sort of financial crisis and a trustworthy place for investors to support the investment scheme. As per a survey conducted by Kantar Sifo in Sweden, different age groups participated to let us know the reason behind the investment in Sustainable funds.

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The result shows the mindset of that particular group and also the maturity to be informative about such funds and the reason behind it. The first age group is concern with long term yield, so if they invest early, by the time they retire, they will yield more return. The second age group is more concern with making a positive impact in the environment and the third age group is concern about the reputation of the corporation as well the contribution by them to be known for a good purpose.

In my opinion, the scenario provides opportunity for different corporation trying to aim their customer to buy their sustainable fund schemes based on such experience where the funds can be pitched with an aim of having a positive, long term or an ethical impact surrounding their environment. It definitely helps you to know about your customer mindset and what role they can play in such sustainable schemes. As being a world citizen, everybody in their lifetime after having a monetary success would like to be a healthy contributor to the society and the environment surrounding them.

Source:- Kantar Sifo

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