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What are the 7 policies adopted in an autonomous vehicle in Eastern Europe?

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The policies adopted for the development of autonomous vehicles in Eastern Europe vary as per the countries, but in general 7 policies have been seen as common to be accepted by the Eastern European countries:-

  1. Funding for research and development: Grants and subsidies are used for various companies and research institutions to work on AV technology in many Eastern European countries.
  2. Regulations: In Eastern European countries Governments are implementing various regulations for supporting the deployment of autonomous vehicles. The regulations are meant for ensuring the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles as well as their operation.
  3. Test-beds and pilot projects: Countries from Eastern Europe are setting up test-beds and pilot projects for testing and demonstrating the AV capabilities. The projects are aimed at gaining experience with the technology and promoting public acceptance of autonomous vehicles.
  4. Supporting the electric vehicle market: The development of electric vehicles is supported by the Eastern governments playing a key role in the deployment of autonomous vehicles in the region.
  5. Public-Private Partnerships: To speed up the deployment of autonomous vehicles, the promotion of various sorts of partnerships is being supported such as Public-Private Partnerships so that resources and experience can be brought together from both sectors.
  6. Cybersecurity regulations: Various types of cybersecurity are also some of the major issues handled by the Eastern European Governments and the regulations help them to prevent such risks of cyber-attacks.
  7. Environmental regulations: Environmental sustainability is also ensured by implementing various regulations to promote the market for autonomous vehicles and reduce the environmental footprint.

Source: elibrary worldbank, European Union

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