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International auto fair Frankfurt 2011

As we witness the era of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Let’s look at the time when conventional vehicles were equally powerful among the consumers with solid engines and innovative, stylish concept cars and first edition designs. The international auto fair held in Frankfurt in 2011, Lamborghini    Bugatti Porsche Porsche Boxter E, one of the electric sports car prototypes in 2011. The Volkswagen Up … Continue reading International auto fair Frankfurt 2011


Look back into BMW

The time when the electric vehicle was still a concept. The acceptance of such vehicles was questionable and mostly to the mass. Tesla was in its struggling years. When the company was founded in 2003, the market for the battery-powered vehicle was not taken seriously. The concern with heating up and as well lobby from petroleum or gas-fueled vehicles, nobody thought that in the present … Continue reading Look back into BMW


What is Canopy?

A major issue that has been a concern and ultimately leads to unnecessary investment to stop car thieves. Canopy? In the past years or even now, vehicles are equipped with an alarm for any unknown activities happening with the car in the parking slot or anywhere, but skilled thieves or robbers are able to extraordinarily smart to outsmart such alarm techniques had been a concern. … Continue reading What is Canopy?


How does Alexa help Ford to be super smart?

The future concept of bringing the voice command not just as an accessory for smart homes but also in cars was conceived in 2017. The SYNC launch by Ford enables Amazon’s Alexa to be the voice-guided service in the car. The success of Alexa in the household resulted in 80% of the customers experiencing the same AI technology in their cars. Mostly, the evolution or … Continue reading How does Alexa help Ford to be super smart?


The Ather Energy electric scooters market

The EV scooter market is highly valued in India. With the 2nd largest population, mass youth, college students, office youngsters, or even part-time jobs to any sorts of home delivery services, is being the target sectors for the EV scooters. You save money on petrol while earning the same money as you were with the petrol e-vehicles. Ather Energy is an Indian electric scooter company … Continue reading The Ather Energy electric scooters market


Simple Energy Escooter market

Simple Energy is a Bengaluru-based electric mobility maker. The company is owned by Suhas Rajkumar. The company was incorporated in 2019. The company launched its first e-scooter, Simple Mark 2 with a range of 240 km in eco mode at 30-40 kmph and a top speed of 100kph in sports mode. The scooter is launched in three modes, Eco, normal, and sports. In 3.6 seconds, … Continue reading Simple Energy Escooter market


The Bounce Infinity Electric Scooter

Bounce infinity is a Bengaluru-based start-up founded in 2014 by Vivekananda Hallekere, (CEO and co-founder), Anil G (COO and co-founder), and Varun Agni (CTO and co-founder). The parent company is known as WickedRide Adventure Services Pvt. Ltd. The company announced its production of an electric E1 scooter in the Bhiwadi, Rajasthan manufacturing facility. The e-scooter got its removable 2KWh lithium-ion battery pack coupled with a … Continue reading The Bounce Infinity Electric Scooter


Why electric scooters are on fire?

The news has taken its toll recently, electric scooters are on fire not just in Pune but also in Tamil Nadu. One of the biggest electric scooter brands, Ola failed to create the basic trust among the consumer with their electric batteries. People are dying unnaturally when they plug in their batteries at the night to charge. Are you willing to take the risk when … Continue reading Why electric scooters are on fire?


Who are the top battery manufacturing companies in India?

The top 10 battery manufacturing companies in India:- Exide Industries Ltd. The leading largest storage battery company in India. The industry is spread across the domestic market as well as export batteries in South East Asian and European markets. The revenue of the company is Rs. 15,258 crores. The market cap is 15,474 Crore. The ROE (return on equity) is 13.39%. It provides a wide … Continue reading Who are the top battery manufacturing companies in India?

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The E-Scooter market in India

Anant– The Anant series of battery-operated electric vehicles has been brought under the Twinkle Tradecom in the automobile sector. The company launched 3 different E2W products and 1 E-Rickshaw. The 3 different E2W products are anant E-bike Gold, Silver, and Diamond. It got established in the market in 2013 in West Bengal, India. The electric rickshaw is a 6-seater with a rear-wheel type drive. EVpapa– … Continue reading The E-Scooter market in India