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What is a low-tech solution?

The movement of sustainability and to use of sustainable resources for products question itself are we using sustainable products? The question raised by the prominent tech expertise about the raw materials used in sustainable labeled services? Is the foundation or the core a sustainable material? And finally, is the solution for sustainable livelihood rely upon high-tech solutions? Can’t we rely upon low-tech solutions? A key … Continue reading What is a low-tech solution?

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What is the story of the ATUM charge?

Electric vehicles have been seen as one of the major ways to transform the transportation industry into more eco-friendly. The battery-run vehicle is also cost-saving as compared to the conventional vehicle. So, how can we make the charging stations to be a more clean source of energy resources? The ATUM charge is showing the pathway by installing 250 solar-powered EV charging stations across India. The … Continue reading What is the story of the ATUM charge?

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What are the different types of collaborative robots?

Robots were a dream just like the driverless cars in the present day. In 1956, engineers, Joseph Engelberger and George Devol brought the first commercial robot into the world. As per Technical writer Megan R Nichols, in 1956 only, Kuka by Keller and Knappich in Augsburg in Germany built the first automatic welding system for appliances. After the success, the service got expanded into Volkswagen … Continue reading What are the different types of collaborative robots?

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Who are the key players in Collaborative Robots?

Collaborative robots known as cobots are rapidly capturing the market compared to traditional robots. The cobots got an appreciative profile with a high return on investment, flexibility, and low cost, and require only a vision system, controller, and an indicator. However, cobots got their restraints in heavy-industry like automotive, metals, or heavy machinery industries where the payload is exceeding the threshold capacity of cobots. The … Continue reading Who are the key players in Collaborative Robots?

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What are collaborative robots?

In the industrial automation sector, robots are playing a crucial role. In terms of completing the complicated, repetitive tasks with accuracy. Robots can easily dive into the hazardous environment or even cover the unconventional areas to work. So, what are collaborative robots? The global collaborative robot market is valued at USD 668.3 million in 2020. In 2026, the market is expected to reach USD 1,876.8 … Continue reading What are collaborative robots?

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What are Frameless Servo Motors?

A new TBM2G series of frameless motors are designed by the Kollmorgen. The TBM2G series offers high-performance Torque within an extremely compact electromagnetics package. A major issue in frameless torque motors is their limitation to work at higher speeds in comparison to working efficiently at a lower speed. The issue has been addressed by the TBM2G in its new servo motors and hence eliminating the … Continue reading What are Frameless Servo Motors?

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Is Conversational AI the new trend in 2022?

AI has been a gift in the pandemic scenario. An unexpected situation leading the world to leap the way business needs to be done without coming into contact with each other. Handling the business inside the office as well as maintaining the oversees contact. The AI tools have been a helping hand to bridge those gaps. In the industrial sector, the major focus has always … Continue reading Is Conversational AI the new trend in 2022?

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International auto fair Frankfurt 2011

As we witness the era of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Let’s look at the time when conventional vehicles were equally powerful among the consumers with solid engines and innovative, stylish concept cars and first edition designs. The international auto fair held in Frankfurt in 2011, Lamborghini    Bugatti Porsche Porsche Boxter E, one of the electric sports car prototypes in 2011. The Volkswagen Up … Continue reading International auto fair Frankfurt 2011

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Look back into BMW

The time when the electric vehicle was still a concept. The acceptance of such vehicles was questionable and mostly to the mass. Tesla was in its struggling years. When the company was founded in 2003, the market for the battery-powered vehicle was not taken seriously. The concern with heating up and as well lobby from petroleum or gas-fueled vehicles, nobody thought that in the present … Continue reading Look back into BMW

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What is Canopy?

A major issue that has been a concern and ultimately leads to unnecessary investment to stop car thieves. Canopy? In the past years or even now, vehicles are equipped with an alarm for any unknown activities happening with the car in the parking slot or anywhere, but skilled thieves or robbers are able to extraordinarily smart to outsmart such alarm techniques had been a concern. … Continue reading What is Canopy?