What is the situation of IoT in Thailand?

Thailand’s government announced formally at the end of 2014 about the Digital Economy Policy aiming in enhancing and supporting the Thai industry and society for prosperity and well-being. As per Inluksana (2013), Thailand’s ICT2020 Policy Framework and Broadband Policy serve the key users in the ICT infrastructure development for the demand in the future digital […]

What is Internet of Things?

The term is exploring around the corner in a huge way. It has not just covered the automotive industry but also became household stuff. The technology has been incorporated and been developed into exploring beyond anybody’s imagination. What’s beyond the Internet of things? Is it possible to be completely connected with just a touch of […]

Can IoT provide support in any Pandemic conditions?

The companies need to develop more resilience towards the various impacts created by the pandemic condition or crisis generate during or after such an effect. The digitization of the company or further advanced companies can support the employees to optimize their unit so that they can operate remotely without any obstacles or hurdles. The main […]

Why IoT is important in China?

As we know the growth rate of China is increasing exponentially with huge investment in the latest technologies and new development pertaining to any industry or any sector. The role of IoT systems is important in China as the application provides convenience in the consumer’s life by improving the living quality and hence the workload […]


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