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Which joint venture in automated driving is coming forward?

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The project initiated by the partners from Infineon and TTTech Auto is working to design the fail-safe concept for SAE levels 3 and 4 in automated driving. The components from the companies should process sensor data from radar, lidar, and cameras. The data need to be reliable.

The electronic architecture has been designed to counteract any failed functions. The safe operation includes the motorway pilot functions, valet parking and autonomously driving trucks.

The technology is designed for software and hardware to operate the vehicle in different automotive safety integrity levels. The failover mechanism is designed with “Doer” mode and a fallback control unit, “fallback” mode. Once the “Doer” mode fails, the “fallback” mode takes over the control within milliseconds.

The technology mechanism is designed for ensuring the safety of the failure functionality to SAE levels 3 and 4. The functions are used for checking the area of sensor fusion, trajectory planning, and object recognition.

The flexibility and the rapid development of automated driving systems are ensured. Examples are, the safety ensures provided for the various combination of standard elements (SoCs- System on a Chip), automotive microcontrollers, power supplies, and multiple cameras with deterministic network backbone.

The joint European projects known as “PRYSTINE” (Programmable Systems for Intelligence in Automobiles) were completed. The project was for three years with 60 partners from Infineon and TTTech Auto. The project was funded with 50 million Euros.

The next stage of the collaboration is to ensure the cooperation for SAE levels 4 and 5 for autonomous driving.

In my opinion, the collaboration got the benefits of showing your expertise in a more constructive way to realize the perfection of your project. The automated driving vehicles or the autonomous vehicles are the work of brains but also experience and right sets of technological skills to counteract any function failures.

A successful collaboration shows that different teams can work together in one project irrespective of two different backgrounds. Once the collaboration tested their success with one project, it can proceed to expand into more advanced SAE levels in autonomous vehicles.

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