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Are AVs the new villain in the auto industry?

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So, let’s say, Autonomous autos are the super-cool automotive vehicle you can ever have. To enrich and the rich experience of having a vehicle being driven by the software.

A complete shift from a hardware-based traditional vehicle to a software-based vehicle. So, where are we? 

Autonomous autos made a shift with more onboard service architecture in technical terms. It means a shift from off-board service architecture.

In simple terms, vehicle manufacturers can access vehicle data in a more secure way. To an off-board facility, however, for on-board service architecture, it needs to be done directly.

But the safety or the security also needs to be in check. The change which started some years back has become a pinching.

But inevitable change among the OEMs or the automotive suppliers. Leaving the players to opt for partnerships, the transition to a completely new model.

Or revolutionize the auto industry with e-Autonomous Autos. The race is to conquer the market. And who will be the pioneer of the respective field in the auto industry?

Or the leading player. Tesla is much ahead in the game. And facing some crucial competitions from its peers. It is still in question where does the AV market stand?

As per a survey by Deloitte in 2018, the lines of code in terms of millions required in AVs was 500+. Whereas in the modern car, it is 100 million lines of code. Can the new Autonomous Autos override the traditional autos?

Exactly giving you the picture of how complex the latest technology will be. And how crucial it is to get the data with the right amount of accuracy. And function with the right kind of support from its own embedded software system. 

AVs are game-changer and the concept can be seen as a profit-making revenue stream in various ways. As the new concept is letting the designer’s design vehicle in a futuristic.

Or innovative style that even most of us are still unknown about what the future holds for us. 

“Villain” maybe for some Auto industry players. As everybody is keen to see who becomes the next story like the Kodak or the Nokia.

As both the traditional and established players underestimated the change. The entire auto fleet is also reshaping where most of them would like to have one of the e-cars.

Getting powered up in your garage. Then why not have a vehicle that can just do all the stuff with an Auto mode. It is available in your garage without the hazards of worrying about a driving license. Or go for a night ride in a relaxed mode. 

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