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Level 3 autonomous driving technology has been rolled out by Mercedes in Germany

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In Germany, Mercedes-Benz launched the sale of its Drive Pilot system. The vehicle is designed to operate at SAE level 3 autonomy and can be ordered for the company’s S-Class and all-electric EQS models.

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) approved the level 3 autonomy for Mercedes’ system. The Drive Pilot is allowed the approval for taking over driving in certain areas at a speed of up to 60 km/h, around 37 mph, with someone in the driver’s seat and prepared for taking control of the vehicle at any time.

“Responsible handling of future technologies such as conditional automated driving is the key to acceptance among customers and in society,” Britta Seeger, a member of Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s Board of Management, said.

“With Drive Pilot, we have developed an innovative technology that, thanks to redundancies with many sensors, enables safe operation and gives the valuable asset ‘time’ back to the customer.”

The system includes radar, LiDAR, and cameras as well as some ultrasonic and moisture sensors. The system included the brake system, steering, power supply, and parts of the sensor technology.

The vehicle’s speed can be under control by the Drive Pilot to guide it within its lane. Also taking into account the route profile, events occurring on the route, and traffic signs. The architecture includes system malfunctions, Drive Pilot will hand over control to the driver or perform an emergency stop with the driver doesn’t take over in time.

Source: The robot report

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