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Top AV startups led by Indians in Singapore

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One of the leading countries in the development of self-driving cars with 2nd rank in Infrastructure and 8th in Technology and Innovation. In 2017, Singapore opened its first vehicle test center with built-in support for the Center of Excellence for Testing & Research in autonomous vehicles. In Singapore, the self-driving car market is rising high.

The Top AV startups in Singapore are:-

  • Hertzwell is founded in 2017 by Ram Vignesh and Bhaskar Dutta. It is headquartered in One-North, Singapore.  Hertzwell is a radar software company. It transforms low-resolution data so that safety and advanced autonomous safety applications are enabled. A high-resolution radar point cloud is produced using computational imaging and deep learning. A chip-agnostic solution is produced by the technology. SGInnovate, Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India, and Entrepreneur First are some of the Investors in Hertzwell.
  • mVizn is an AI-based vision engine startup. It is founded in 2017 by Sambit Pal, Debashish De Munshi, Phillips Huang, and Tanvirul Islam. The company provides support in tracking vehicles and security systems using facial identification.  A real-time digital representation of a vehicle with less than a meter precision. The company investors are Plug and Play Tech Center.
  • Nopilot.ai is a software build startup for autonomous systems in the automotive market. The company is founded in 2019 by Mikhail Melanin Ph.D. and Konstantin Selivanov. The goal is to build vehicles and small machines to understand the surrounding environment. The vehicles can detect people and things on the road for a smooth pass and reach the desired location. The software can be used in farming, public utilities, and delivery. Techstars is the iinvestor.
  • Qandela is a startup developing LiDAR devices for self-driving cars. It was founded in 2018 by Poh Kam Chan Ph.D. and Jia Hao Cheong. Entrepreneur First is the  Investor.
  • Moovita is a high-tech provider of smart solutions for urban environments for autonomous vehicles. It is a spinoff company providing solutions for bringing level 4 autonomy to public roads in Singapore. It is founded in 2016 by Limbu Dilip Kumar and Anthony Wong. Seeds Capital, 1Derlife Growth, Yinson Holdings Berhad, and Momentum VC are the investors.
  • Red Dot Robotics Pte Ltd. is a software developer allowing autonomous systems to be controlled centrally with software for automated activities such as driving or performing other mundane tasks. The robots are ensured to work collaboratively in the centrally located control system for a certain output. It was founded in 2015 by Joseph Lew.

Source: invc, tracxn

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