Is autonomous vehicle good for advertisement and surveillance operation?

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One of the phenomenal innovations and conceptual auto that can be seen on road by the predicted next year is the Avs. The concept you like or hate, consider it as a job taker role.

Or a mindset stopping you from exploring the futuristic concept. The vehicles are no doubt creating quite a buzz at their own time pace. But how about the money or the profit-making industry.

How are they going to make profits? As the theme is usually being an aid to a certain category of people, but we are living in the world of a capitalistic country, where money does the talking or even gets you the honey!

So, how far are we? As we know, the AVs, utilizes tons of data providing immense opportunities for opening multiple revenue streams. The vehicle also provides an opportunity for the surveillance of data location.

Or capturing the physical environment. The collection of the car data or passenger data helps in monetizing schemes through various channels. Such as identification, profiling, and customer targeting.

The opportunity opens the doors for personalised advertisements. And multimedia content specifically targeted for the passengers. The method of automated features and interconnection to larger communication networks.

It helps in providing infrastructure meant for the platform-centric business model to level up the auto industry. The intention is particularly for ride-sharing firms, carmakers, or other AV fleet operators. To function with benefits related to the increase or widespread of surveillance.

However, with the targeted ads, and the laws concerning data protection. How far is it going to be profitable. Or be in use by the people in the company to make it a profitable scheme?

The display ads are somehow helping the digitalized economic platform. But the scale on which it can be used has to be supervised. Or need to be under control.

As the vehicle is going to be customer-oriented. What kind of ads can be displayed. And how far you can go with the time limit of such ads being displayed on are some concern needs to be addressed diligently?

Source: – Surveillance & Society by Luis F.Alvarez Leon (Eyes on the Road: Surveillance logics in the Autonomous Vehicle Economy)

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