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Can the consumers alter the demand for the AVs software?

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A concern raised by most of the research concerning the AVs software. Is it going to alter the automobile industry?  The unknown zone that has been seen is the availability of the low-cost dangerous quality of software in favor of autopilots then it may reshuffle the industry.

The battle is between the tech industry to traditional carmakers. It is stated that in the case of traditional automakers, quality and safety are important than advanced features.

If you see Tesla, they are ahead in the game than any of the car manufacturers. They have their own division with software as well as manufacturing vehicles or cars on a mass scale.

Tesla has been coined out as the only automaker to be daring with feature advanced features like Autopilot without brakes.

As per the Head of the well-known German Institute, Fraunhofer for Cognitive System (IKS), the battle is between the German carmakers and High-tech IT companies where the IT world is used to less quality.

The compromise can be thought about in Smartphones or other web solution devices. But when it comes to passenger life or any life on the road, quality from the software service or any other service cannot be jeopardized.

It has also been speculated that German carmakers need to work a lot when it comes to using Artificial Intelligence to detect road markings, signs, traffic lights, other vehicles, cyclists, or even pedestrians. Even the debate over being flexible with the automated software is also something a concern to handle the cost.

The companies like VW, Daimer, BMW, Audi, and other carmakers, tech suppliers, or groups states that “Safety is first for Automated Driving”.

However, the customers do play the role of being an invisible hand. If somehow the comprise is accepted over less quality in favour of Autopilot, then it may turn into a concern in the industry as well as for the safety of the people on the road.

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