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Can AVs be a positive sign for public health?

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As the automotive world is entering into new design and concept with a goal towards a sustainable environment and sustainability design. How far have we achieved perfection in accomplishing health improvement through our innovative idea? The world of the automotive industry is a highly competitive scenario where everybody aims to be a leading pioneer but with the test of time, only a few sustains the endurance and survive the trust of competition. But is it only a new design or idea to have a strong foot in the market or is there an invisible hand by the customers?

As a buyer to make an investment in something which returns the value, would they go only for the luxury product or something which fits with the public health? The demand to achieve a sustainable environment, the eco-mode has been introduced.

The reduction in CO2 emission has opened up a new venture. The internal design of the automotive vehicle has been changed with seatbelts and automatic airbags to ensure safety during any tragic accidents or failure but what about the mortality rate. Has it been controlled by any means? Is the concept of the driverless car can bridge the gap in controlling fatal accidents?

As per the study conducted by AJPH Law & Ethics, in the US, 90% of the fatal accidents can be eliminated by human error, saving around more than 29,000 lives per year in the US and 10 million lives per decade could be saved by the autonomous car around the world resulting into improving the public health in the 21st century.

The goal is to achieve the optimal level of safety by reducing the injuries happening after complete collisions so that the complete crash can be avoided and the feasibility of reducing fatal crashes can be achieved.

In my opinion, it is a debatable topic that AVs can achieve zero crash rates but can be a positive health sign for the majority of the public.

Source:- Zador PL, Ciccone MA. Automobile driver fatalities in frontal impacts

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