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Can I trust Autonomous vehicles?

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It’s a question in everybody’s mind before making any investment as a buyer or as a manufacturer. Can autonomous vehicles be trusted with human life? The supersensible and highly advanced configurable vehicle can be propelled self and be trusted with human life. A 100% guarantee can be assured to people who do not know any driving.

As per a survey conducted by Capgemini across the world including China, France, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, the result shows due to the following reason, they would like to try out an autonomous vehicle.

Will I trust Autonomous vehicles?
Source:- Capgemini

In my opinion, only a 100% guarantee by the manufacturer can actually be allowed for human trial and their life can be assured. Any vehicle on the road without the proper guidelines is a major threat and danger to human life. Autonomous vehicles are more or less needs to be on the road where the surety of proper guidelines is available.

Source:- Statista

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