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Which areas EU automotive companies planned to improve or considered challenging in connected car technologies?

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 The market with connected cars needs investment in an organized manner for different or demanding technologies among the consumer. The EU companies’ strategies their investment with top selected technology considered to be important for EU automotive companies.

As per PAC, the following technologies attracted the major investment intentions: –

EU car companies investment in connected cars

In another survey shows the obstacles faced by different European countries and the investments in such areas: –

EU automotive companies obstacles in connected cars investment

In my opinion, the areas show a significant need for technological development and also the need for investments in various areas. The EU companies identified the technology as a major need for investment, usually the in trend or demanding technology observed through the market needs.

The obstacles shown in the survey result provides a picture every automobile company faces in launching a new technology in the market. Political resistance is also an important factor in launching a new service in the market. The security challenges are the major issues and can be seen as one of the top priorities identified in the technology investments.

Source:- Statista

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