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Do you want to know the opinions of Italian about connected cars?

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Connected cars created a stronghold in the European market. Let us study the consumer opinion in Italy about this new venture.

Are they even aware of the connected cars? Are they interest or like to stay away? Do they perceive any obstacles in the connected car market in Italy?

As per a survey by TNS Sofres, Italian customers see connected cars as one of the comforts and time-saving vehicles.

Italian consumers view on connected cars

In another survey shows the interest among Italian consumers regarding the Google and Apple cars. Around 66% of Italian customers are willing to buy a Google or Apple car. Quite a big market for a new autonomous vehicle. Indicates towards acceptance for non-Italian car brands also.

Another important play crucial game-changer for automobile manufacturers are the features integrated into the connected cars. A survey by TNS Sofres shows the top features the Italian drivers are interested to pay for it.

Top features by Italian drivers

Do you agree with the features? Do you think it is too much expectation from the automobile companies? Too demanding to have everything available in one car in an economical manner.

Where do you see yourself?

Source:- Statista

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